3DEXPERIENCE FORUMNovember 11-12, 2014 | Las Vegas | NV

Plenary Sessions

From 08:30AM to 12:00PM

07:00AM to 08:15AM: Business Process Breakfasts (Details Below)

08:30AM to 08:45AM: Welcome: Day 2

  • Ken Clayton

    Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Professional Channel, Dassault Systèmes

08:45AM to 09:05AM: 3DS Executive Presentation

  • Monica Menghini

    EVP, Corporate Strategy, Industry and Marketing, Dassault Systèmes

09:05AM to 09:25AM: Customer Keynote

  • Michael Thacker

    Senior Vice President, Engineering Textron Aviation (formerly Cessna)

09:30AM to 10:00AM: AM Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

10:05AM to 10:15AM: Executive Sponsor: Deloitte Consulting

10:15AM to 11:00AM: Customer Keynote

  • Eric DeHoff

    Principal Engineer/CAE Technical Leader, Vehicle Structures Research - Automotive Safety, Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

12:30PM to 02:00PM: Lunch in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

01:30PM to 06:00PM: Industry Experience & Special Topic Breakout Sessions (Details Below)

06:00PM to 06:00PM: Conference Adjourns

Thank you for attending the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM North America. See you in 2015!

Breakout Sessions

From 07:00AM to 06:00PM
  • Business Process Breakfasts

    Business Breakfast Breakouts

  • 3DS and Academia

    Where learning meets innovation


    The future of cities

  • High Tech

    Deliver Innovative Market-leading Electronic Experiences

  • Energy, Process & Utilities

    3DEXPERIENCE for Affordable and Sustainable Development

  • Industrial Equipment

    Lead the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail

    Better, Faster, Smarter Innovation


    Virtual Biosphere and Materials


    Marketing in the Age of Experience

07:00AM to 08:15AM: Design and Engineering featuring CATIA

CATIA is Dassault Systèmes' Pioneer Brand. It is the World's Leading Solution for Product Design and Experience. This session will describe how: · CATIA goes far beyond traditional 3D CAD to offer a unique ability to imagine and shape the connected world. · CATIA delivers the ability not only to model any product, but to do so in the context of product behavior : design in the age of experience. · The CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE delivers: o A SOCIAL design environment that drives business intelligence, real-time concurrent design and collaboration. o An INSTINCTIVE 3DEXPERIENCE, with world-class 3D modeling capabilities to enhance your existing design activities. • An INCLUSIVE product development platform, easily integrated with existing processes & tools enabling everyone to participate in the product design process. These capabilities revolutionize the way Engineers, Designers, Systems Architects and Systems Engineers will conceive, develop, experience and deliver new products.

07:00AM to 08:15AM: 3D Design and Engineering featuring SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS provides an intuitive, integrated 3D development environment that includes 3D design, simulation, electrical design, product data management and technical communication capabilities. With more than 2,000,000 users worldwide, engineers from every industry accelerate their time to market, lower production costs and design higher quality products by using SOLIDWORKS software. Through their collective intelligence, the global SOLIDWORKS user community plays an integral role in determining future software improvements. During this presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from customers how they have benefited from their relationship with SOLIDWORKS. In addition, SOLIDWORKS product management will offer insight into where R&D is transforming user feedback into the investments poised to bring your innovative concepts to life.

07:00AM to 08:15AM: Governance & Lifecycle featuring ENOVIA

Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA is featuring a Customer Best Practices Panel with GE Water & Power, Bell Helicopter and Tech Clarity along with a DS ENOVIA expert to moderate and preface with a presentation on latest brand overview, updates, and next steps. Initiative Target ZERO Files: A Customer Best Practices Panel ENOVIA leverages the power of a data-driven architecture to deliver unique processes aligned to our customer’s strategic direction. The result is improvement in operating margin and brand value, and ultimately a sustained competitive advantage. Join leaders from GE Power & Water, Bell Helicopter, Tech Clarity, and ENOVIA as they discuss what moving from a file-based to a data-driven architecture has meant to them, and why you must consider what this evolution means to your business. Find out what benefits can be had from targeting ZERO Files! Manufacturing & Production (featuring DELMIA) Global manufacturers are looking to manage and consistently deliver the right product experience to their end customers round the world. Patrick Michel will explain how DELMIA provides them a business platform to discover and deployed game-changing solutions to run their global industrial systems at their peak performance.

07:00AM to 08:15AM: Enterprise Simulation featuring SIMULIA

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXERIENCE® platform is enabling a simulation revolution in which, engineering and scientific simulation can be used by more people throughout the enterprise, to power sustainable innovation processes. Attend this session to discover how SIMULIA is; making robust and proven design simulation and optimization technology easier to use, facilitating performance-based decision making, and enabling the sharing the simulation results with key decision-makers throughout the enterprise.

07:00AM to 08:15AM: Manufacturing and Production featuring DELMIA

Global manufacturers are looking to manage and consistently deliver the right product experience to their end customers round the world. Patrick Michel will explain how DELMIA provides them a business platform to discover and deployed game-changing solutions to run their global industrial systems at their peak performance.

07:00AM to 08:15AM: Information Intelligence featuring EXALEAD

Organizations need three levels of Information Intelligence Experiences: 1. Handle large volumes of heterogeneous data with performance and agility 2. Cross, reconcile, contextualize data to offer new business solutions and create new services for their customers 3. Analyze data to be able to add prescription and draw future EXALEAD answers these challenges and delivers personalized or packaged applications, transforming Big Data into real enterprise benefits.

01:30PM to 06:00PM: 3DS and Academia

Society’s ability to address many of our most pressing problems – security, water crises, extreme weather events, crumbling infrastructure – will depend on an available pool of highly skilled engineers. Engineering education at the university level has changed little over the past century, while other professions have significantly increased their requirements and teaching methods. In this track, we will: • Explore the gap between the engineering talent employers are seeking and the engineering talent graduating from our colleges and universities • Hear how engineering education is evolving and how one college is radically changing engineering education with the goal of fueling the technical innovation needed to solve the world’s complex challenges • Learn what Dassault Systèmes and our customers are doing to revolutionize engineering education Learn how corporations across the US are investing to be part of the answer to our engineering skills gap challenge and how your firm can participate.

01:30PM to 06:00PM: 3DEXPERIENCity

It’s been said that the future of humanity is the future of cities. Around the world, there has been a massive and rapid migration from rural to urban living. In the future, cities will account for nearly 90% of global population growth, 80% of wealth creation, and 60% of total energy consumption. Innovations are needed to fit more people comfortably, safely, healthily and sustainably in every city around the world. In this track, we will explore the future of cities and the creative innovations that will revolutionize life in the age of extreme urbanization.

01:30PM to 06:00PM: High Tech

Managing Complexity in the Age of Internet of Things – The Internet of Things will transform the high-tech industry. Yet, the maturation of the Internet of Things is accelerating more rapidly than any prior similar innovation. Business success within this new emerging business will require not only highly effective internal execution but also the ability to harness industry eco-system IP and services to accelerate time-to-market. Attend presentations by executives from Dassault Systèmes and leading Semiconductor Manufacturers, Consumer Electronics Manufacturers and Enterprise Systems Manufacturers which describe best practices and enabling solutions to manage complexity, improve time-to-market and exceed customer expectations. Learn how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and industry-specific solutions ‘connect the dots’ between development teams, customers, and manufacturing.

01:30PM to 06:00PM: Energy, Process & Utilities

If you could model and simulate oil and gas operations in 3D, would you be able to produce and deliver oil and gas safer, cleaner, and cheaper? In this track, you will have the opportunity to access the latest technologies and methods for safe, efficient, optimized operations. Hear leading Construction (EPC) companies, Owners-Operators (OO) and other project stakeholders share their business challenges and the use of innovative solutions to overcome them. Track topics will highlight best practices and the implementation of 3DS Solutions in Engineering, Construction, Upstream Field Development & Production, Equipment, Operation and Maintenance. To conclude, an interactive panel, “What are Digital Oil & Gas fields?”, led by a host of industry experts, will facilitate discussions in many uses of digital technology in the oil & gas segments, such as subsurface, topside, subsea factories, and production.

01:30PM to 06:00PM: Industrial Equipment

The world of Industrial Equipment is much more challenging than it was 10 years ago; product assortment is more complex and so are organizations that may span across 20 to 50 sites worldwide and multiple product divisions. Yet, they must globally deliver mechatronic products and services at an increasing pace. Driving profit in this challenging environment is always more difficult. In parallel, the digital industrial revolution has started. Production digitalization is a real opportunity for OEMs who now can renew their offers with smarter modular equipment – Smarter equipment that will provide online its overall efficiency value at any time during production, as well as suggestions for improvement. Modular equipment that will triple or quadruple the breadth of offered product assortment and yet reduce the number of parts. With the Industrial Equipment Industry Solution Experiences that will be introduced in this track, 3DS can help you create a compelling experience for your customers; connecting people, ideas, and knowledge in real time. Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is your competitive edge to achieve successful and sustainable expansion, only possible through this winning combination of business vision and technology. In this track, you will hear customer feedback on Dassault Systèmes solutions for the Industrial Equipment from several customer testimonies.

01:30PM to 06:00PM: Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

In a highly competitive marketplace, leading Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail companies need to continuously transform how they innovate and deliver value from “idea to shelf” to meet the needs of their consumers or clients. Join Dassault Systèmes industry executives and learn how companies can transform their innovation process from “idea to consumer” using the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to “connect the dots” across functions, organizations and companies to better manage their business complexities. Hear from your peers and industry experts as they share the industries latest consumer and industry trends and the impact they will have within every area of innovation, from formulation and packaging to merchandising and retail environment.

01:30PM to 06:00PM: BIOVIA

BIOVIA solutions create an unmatched scientific management environment that can help science-driven companies create and connect biological, chemical, and material innovations to improve the way we live. The industry-leading BIOVIA portfolio is focused on integrating the diversity of science, experimental processes, and information requirements across research, development, QA/QC, and manufacturing. Capabilities cover scientific data management; biological, chemical, and materials modeling and simulation; open collaborative discovery; scientific pipelining; enterprise laboratory management; enterprise quality management; environmental health & safety; and operations intelligence. In this track, we will introduce the BIOVIA brand, its exciting portfolio of solutions, and how leaders in the Life Sciences industry are creating business advantage with BIOVIA.

01:30PM to 06:00PM: 3DXCITE

3DXcite is one of Dassault Systèmes’ newest brands. Their software, solutions, and computer-generated imagery services provide high-end 3D visualizations in real-time for high-impact storytelling across all media channels. Leveraging your source data, 3DXcite opens up creative freedom to deliver emotional assets for digital, interactive marketing and sales experiences. In this track, we will introduce the 3DXcite brand, and show how to transform engineering data into powerful visual experiences we call engineered excitement. You’ll learn how leading companies from the automotive, consumer goods, and high tech industries have energized their marketing and amped their impact with 3DXcite.

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