3DEXPERIENCE FORUMNovember 11-12, 2014 | Las Vegas | NV

Plenary Sessions

From 08:30AM to 12:30PM

07:30AM to 08:30AM: Breakfast in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

08:30AM to 09:00AM: Welcome: Day 1

  • Bruno Latchague

    Senior Executive Vice President, Americas Market and Global Sales Operations Dassault Systèmes

09:00AM to 09:30AM: Practically Radical: Transforming Your Company and Challenging Yourself

  • William Taylor

    Co-founder, Founding Editor of Fast Company and Author Fast Company

09:30AM to 10:00AM: Strategy in Action

  • Monica Menghini

    Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Industry and Marketing Dassault Systèmes

10:00AM to 10:30AM: Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

10:35AM to 10:45AM: Microsoft (Platinum Sponsor)

  • Chris Colyer

    Senior Director, WW Alliances and Channels

10:45AM to 11:15AM: Affordability: Lockheed Martin’s Approach to a Changing Marketplace

  • David Markham

    Vice President, Advanced Programs Lockheed Martin Space Systems

11:15AM to 11:45AM: On the Cusp: Game-changing Innovation in Mining

  • Tony O’Neill

    Group Technical Director Anglo American

11:50AM to 12:10PM: Business in the Age of Experience

  • Bernard Charlès

    President and CEO Dassault Systèmes

12:10PM to 12:15PM: Closing

  • Ken Clayton

    Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Professional Channel Dassault Systèmes

12:15PM to 01:30PM: Lunch in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

01:45PM to 06:15PM: Industry Experience Breakout Tracks (Details Below)

03:50PM to 04:20PM: Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

06:30PM to 08:30PM: Networking Reception in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

Breakout Sessions

From 07:30AM to 08:00PM
  • Consumer Goods and Retail

    Create Winning Consumer Experiences

  • Architecture and Engineering and Construction

    Collaborative and Industrialized Construction

  • Life Sciences

    Improving Patient Experience and Organizational Business Excellence

  • Transportation and Mobility

    Driving Vehicle Innovation toward the Mobility of the Future

  • Natural Resources

    The Mining Solutions You Expect From The People You Trust

  • Aerospace and Defense

    Reaching New Heights in Program Success

01:50PM to 06:00PM: Consumer Goods and Retail

Going Digital – Connect the Dots from Concept to Consumer. By leveraging the Product Innovation Platform (PIP), you can discover, design, develop and deliver products and experiences that your consumers want. This track will be entirely dedicated to the Consumer Goods and Retail industry with a focus on fashion brands and retailers. Hear from leading brands and thought leaders in our hands on sessions and learn how 3D can accelerate your company innovation, as well as increase your sales and customers.

01:50PM to 02:20PM: whichPLM: Market Momentum for PLM: The Latest Customer Responses on how this Market is Changing

Market Momentum for PLM: The Latest Customer Responses on how this Market is Changing - Focusing on PLM for retail, footwear and apparel, Mark charts the industry’s progress over the past three decades, and defines precisely what PLM means to retailers and brands all over the world in 2014. Drawing from his company’s newly-released Annual Review 2014 and its extremely topical conclusions, Mark’s presentation highlights key adoption trends, examines the geographical progression of PLM sales, and analyses market performance and end user satisfaction. Coupled with whichPLM’s extensive and ongoing intelligence gathering exercises, Mark leverages his own long-term experience of the fashion industry to make informed predictions about the positive 3-5 year future of PLM for apparel. Finally, Mark’s presentation discusses what a true “digital transformation” should look like for a retailer or brand seeking to operate outside of traditional boundaries, enabled by the right investments in technology.

  • Mark Harrop

    Founder, Managing Director whichPLM

02:20PM to 02:50PM: Industry Solution Experience and Offers: Success in 2030 – Looking Back on the Journey from Concept to Consumer

What will be the key changes in the retail, fashion and luxury industry in the coming decades? What will be the contribution of 3D digital? Jerome Bergeret, FashionLab’s director, will highlight some challenges of the industry and give a few elements that could answer those questions. Since the launch of the Lab in 2011, the team of engineers is working on incubation programs with well-know designers. Beyond those specific projects, FashionLab aimed at providing answers to the retail and fashion industry with new economic models through new technologies. Recently, FashionLab launched a footwear collection with the Couture designer Julien Fournié. This collection was fully digitally conceived, representing our H2H (Human to Human) vision, materialized through an impermanent pop-up store and then a Fashion Show.

  • Jerome Bergeret

    FashionLab DirectorDassault Systèmes

02:20PM to 02:50PM: IDC Retail Insights: Product Innovation Platform and How the PLM Journey Looks from Early Adoption through fully Transformative Usage

  • Leslie Hand

    Vice PresidentIDC Retail Insights

02:50PM to 03:20PM: 3DXCITE: The Concept to Consumer Journey

  • Steven Madge

    Managing Director3DXCITE

03:50PM to 04:20PM: Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

04:30PM to 04:30PM: Shaping the World We Imagine - an Industry Overview

How can brands and retailers connect the dots to unlock Product Innovation and drive tangible business results? What do they want from their Product Lifecycle Management solutions to differentiate their businesses and drive profitable growth? And how are the boundaries and usages of “classic PLM ” changing to support a changing business environment? Susan Olivier, Vice President for Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Solutions, will offer insights on how advances in existing and emerging technologies create new opportunities to shape a changing world.

  • Susan Olivier

    Vice President, Consumer Goods-Retail Industry Dassault Systèmes

05:00PM to 05:00PM: R&D Release Update for V6R2015x

  • Sarah Fabian

    R&D Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Strategy Director Dassault Systemes

05:30PM to 06:00PM: R&D Roadmap

  • Sarah Fabian

    R&D Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Strategy Director Dassault Systemes

01:50PM to 06:00PM: Architecture, Engineering and Construction

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry faces several challenges, such as providing high quality experience for tenants under budgets, maintaining sustainability, improving project productivity and efficiency, construction worker’s safety, and others. To help address these issues, Dassault Systèmes provides Lean Construction and Facade Design for Fabrication Industry Solution Experience with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. This track will inspire and show you how to overcome these challenges and illustrate the future vision for your firm.

01:50PM to 02:20PM: Collaborative Design and Industrialized Construction

3D adaption has been spreading through the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry and now is the time to evolve to the next level of BIM adaption called Level 3. This session will explain how 3DEXPERIENCE Business Solutions provides the new and innovative scheme of design and construction processes delivering Building Life Cycle Management.

02:20PM to 02:50PM: Façade Design for Fabrication Industry Solution Experience

This session will present Facade Design for Fabrication project modeling solution built on the cloud-based collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This solution leverages the power of 3D to efficiently and consistently cover construction project requirements end-to-end-- from planning to fabrication.

02:50PM to 03:20PM: NEME Design Solution: Advanced BIM Coordination and Delivery Practices

Becher Neme will present the practice works with designers and contractors on complex projects to preserve design intent, lower risk, and to improve efficiency during construction through expert application of the latest 3D technologies.

03:20PM to 04:00PM: Morphosis Architects: From Concept to Fabrication, BIM Implementation Practices: Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Kerenza Harris will speak about the integration of Advanced Computation and BIM platforms into project workflow, with specific emphasis on the Perot Museum of Nature and Science (AIA BIM Award). The team at Morphosis continually seeks new ways to implement BIM technology, from early design development to final fabrication and shop drawings. Kerenza Harris will present the real usage of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for new collaborative environments of Dassault Systemes.

03:50PM to 04:20PM: Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

04:30PM to 05:00PM: USC School of Architecture: Parametric Tendencies and Design Agencies, Preparing for the AEC Industry through Design Centric Collaboration and Performance

Dr. Gerber will present the evolution of CATIA- based teaching, consulting and research through the lens of 12 years of practice, research, and educational experience globally. The talk will highlight the importance of bottom up and top down educational and research strategies and will link these education and research and consulting strategies to meeting the needs of AEC industry challenges and value propositions. V5 and V6 design, design research and knowledge creation and sharing are shown to be coupled to information fidelity and the need for efficient synthesis of ideas, communication, and problem solving through to fabrication.

05:00PM to 05:30PM: Mobility Services to Gain Quality of Life in 2030: The Mdoul’Air Experience

The Modul’Air concept offers a radical rethink of the mobility experience, based on an innovative system of pods transporting passengers and freight that seamlessly connect, scale up and down according to volume patterns and integrate with ground transportation modes. This session will present the power of 3DEXPERIENCE for future city development.

05:30PM to 06:00PM: Q&A / Roundtable Discussion

01:30PM to 06:00PM: Life Sciences

What do Life Sciences companies speaking at the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum – Life Sciences Track –all have in common? They will all be showcasing their recent experiences with Dassault Systèmes industry solutions: • How do you accelerate product innovation and regulatory approval? • What is the best way to streamline design and voice of the customer requirements? • Is there a way to automate bureaucratic tasks and improve efficiency?

01:50PM to 01:50PM: Innovation Path to Patients

Life Sciences Industry Challenges, Trends & Strategies

  • Jean Colombel

    Vice President, Life Sciences Industry Dassault Systèmes

02:20PM to 02:50PM: Industry Experience Solution Update

  • Arieh Halpern

    Life Sciences Industry Business Experience Consulting Director Dassault Systèmes

02:50PM to 03:20PM: Axendia: Is Compliance a Roadblock to Quality? Establishing A Holistic Approach to Quality to Drive Innovation, Quality and Compliance

Life Sciences organization must consistently document compliance with strict global quality standards and regulatory requirements. In order to achieve compliance, companies often employ stringent and costly quality processes that can constrain innovation, hinder business processes, increase costs and delay new product introduction. The FDA wants to help. The Agency’s Case for Quality initiative analysis shows that firms which drive quality organization-wide tend to be more productive, with fewer complaints and investigations, and often have smaller quality units with lower quality-related costs than their competitors. This session will discuss key industry and regulatory trends that are shifting the focus from compliance to a holistic approach to quality across the entire product lifecycle. You will have the opportunity to learn how leading companies are becoming more effective at managing critical quality and regulatory processes by establishing a holistic approach to quality throughout the organization. Join us for this session to learn how to leverage quality to create an innovative, effective and compliant enterprise.

  • Daniel R. Matlis

    President Axendia

03:20PM to 04:00PM: Bayer Healthcare

  • Steve Matolcsy

    IT Key Account ManagementBayer HealthCare

03:50PM to 04:20PM: Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

04:30PM to 05:00PM: Deloitte

05:00PM to 05:30PM: Medtronic: PLM to ERP Integration – Impacts to Manufacturing Operations

Integrating from a PLM system to an ERP system impacts the manufacturing process with almost live integrations. Controlling the flow of data will help in its impact for manufacturing to not be re-active to design changes, allow for ERP data setup, and manufacturing changes to be controlled. Lessons learned from Engineering BOM changes at a productions status to controlling that change with the MCO process.

  • Bryan Hanson

    Sr. Principal IT Technologist Medtronic

05:30PM to 06:00PM: Kalypso

  • Cathi Crist

    Partner Kalypso

06:00PM to 06:30PM: Q&A / Wrap-Up

01:50PM to 06:00PM: Transportation and Mobility

How can vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers leverage opportunities that will shape the future of the transportation industry? And how will they collaborate to successfully create the new mobility experiences that promise new levels of systems performance, functional safety and affordability? Get answers from industry experts, and global perspectives from your peers, as we explore the very latest trends and solutions to ensure concept to production, right-the-first-time results. Attend this track to hear real-world success stories from industry leaders, who have discovered how to build and fortify their competitive advantage in the Age of Experience.

01:50PM to 02:20PM: Cloud-Based Collaborative Solution for Driverless / Connected Car Innovation: AKKA “Link & Go”

Without a doubt, the autonomously driving vehicle will bring the most fundamental transformations to the mobility experience. New diverse players like Google are entering this market with disruptive approaches to innovation. Today´s Automotive Industry market participants are embracing new collaborative models to position their expertise in this new competitive landscape. The global engineering services company AKKA Technologies, who recently acquired German MBtech, leverages Dassault Systèmes´ collaborative Cloud platform to create breakthrough innovation. AKKA´s Link & Go concept car, showcased at this year´s Geneva Motor show, is an impressive hands-on testimony of the cloud-powered mobility innovation.

02:20PM to 02:50PM: Industry Solution Experience & Offers (IVB)

02:50PM to 03:20PM: Honda Manufacturing: First Step in PLM

As Honda North America transitions further into a global role, the need for an efficient Global Manufacturing Verification tool is even more important than in the past. Members from the Honda North America Inc. New Model Team will explain how DELMIA V6 addresses some of the current Honda business challenges for manufacturing. Plus Honda will review confirmed benefits over DELMIA V5 as well as future benefits. Attendees will learn about DELMIA V6 and its actual application within an automobile manufacturer’s environment.

  • Melissa Vance

    Staff Engineer, New Model Division, Virtual Maturation Team - Business InnovationHonda North America

03:20PM to 04:00PM: Johnson Controls: Drawing Automation to Enable 3D Master

Johnson Controls chose Dassault Systèmes to transform their current production engineering process by automating the production of 2D drawing. This has been done to facilitate a move to 3D Master models using GD&T with Dassault Systemes CATIA Functional Tolorancing and Annotation (FTA) Module. Johnson Controls sees this as a way to improve quality and time to market while producing a substantial cost savings. This solution enables Concurrent development, Front loading, No prototype vehicle development, seamless release and increased consumption of 3D Product Definition data.

  • Ram Pentakota

    Global Chief EngineerJohnson Controls

03:50PM to 04:20PM: Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

05:30PM to 06:00PM: Roundtable Discussion

01:50PM to 06:00PM: Natural Resources

Delivering Enterprise Agility through the Mining Value Chain - Mining has grown bigger over the past 200 years – bigger plants, bigger trucks, bigger blasts, but the industry must continually evolve. Traditional responses to business cycles are eroding the long term health of the industry and fundamental change must occur for the industry to consistently meet stakeholders’ expectations and deliver long-term sustainability. This interactive session will include industry thought leaders and how innovative thinking has transformed other industries. Applying these learnings could deliver enterprise value chain agility for the mining industry.

01:50PM to 02:20PM: Welcome and Overview of the History of Mining Software

The mining industry underwent a major transformation moving from manual mining to mechanization starting as far back as the 1930s. In today’s high tech and rapidly changing world, we continue to employee a mining flow sheet that is more than 40 years old and based on drill and blast technology that is over 80 years old. This discussion will cover some of the major milestones in the history of technology adoption in the industry that sets the stage for what is possible with the available technology advancements being adopted in other industries.

02:20PM to 02:50PM: Anglo American: Importance of Business Process to Mining Transformation

02:50PM to 03:20PM: Dundee Precious Metals: “Taking the Lid Off”: Advancements in Real Time Production Management in an Underground Mine – A Case Study

The presentation will discuss the work that Dundee Precious Metals has done with a number of key strategic partners including Dassault Systèmes to develop and implement an integrated real-time production management system using off-the-shelf wireless IP communications technology and software developed by Dassault Systèmes for shift management, and real time monitoring and display of the mining activities in the Chelopech underground mine in Bulgaria. The learnings and the benefits of applying this technology in an underground mine setting will be discussed, as well as the further potential opportunities and benefits that could be realized with this technology.

  • Rick Howes

    CEODundee Precious Metals

03:20PM to 04:00PM: DeBeers Group: Intelligent Mine Planning Systems

Intelligent Mine Planning Systems

03:50PM to 04:20PM: Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

04:30PM to 05:00PM: MDM Consulting: How Can Mining Capitalize on New Technologies

The worldwide mining industry is arguably in the early stages of a major transformation driven by ICT, open innovation and the adoption of rapidly developing global technology predominantly from outside the mining industry. While the change is underway in pockets, it is too slow to have a major impact on the industry and the transformation needs to be accelerated. This discussion will focus on a technology roadmap for the mining industry based on five major technology pillars that are combined together in creative ways to present new business models that the mining industry can start to adopt now.

05:00PM to 05:30PM: Leveraging Best Practices from Other Industries: Two Case Studies

The presentation will discuss how innovative thinking has transformed other industries and how mining can apply these learnings to deliver enterprise value chain agility across the entire mining lifecycle. We will discuss how Dassault Systèmes has leveraged these best practices from other industries to provide solutions to help solve some of the mining industry challenges. There will also be a sneak preview of Quintiq and its world-class supply chain management solutions for mining - now part of Dassault Systèmes since their acquisition in September of this year.

05:30PM to 06:00PM: Panel: The Future of Mining Industry

01:50PM to 06:00PM: Aerospace & Defense Overview

Covering global trends, insights and solutions that drive advancements for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, the Aerospace & Defense track at the 3DEXPERIENCE Customer Forum offers you sessions from industry leaders and your peers sharing insights and success stories as they develop products and build value for their customers. Attend the Aerospace & Defense track and hear an update on all of our solutions, including Engineer to Fly, our new Industry Solution Experience for suppliers that helps companies win more opportunities and design and manufacture their products with higher margins.

01:50PM to 02:20PM: Industry Overview and ISE: Reaching New Heights in Aerospace & Defense Advancements and Experiences

Attend this session for an update on trends and the 3DEXPERIENCE solutions that support efficiency and improvements in cost, strategy and supply chain for aerospace organizations. Also featured will be ways to transform the way new and existing programs are conceived, planned and executed. Find out how to deliver new levels of engineering productivity and the execution control to deliver programs as promised. View a demonstration of our latest 3DEXPERIENCE Solution for smaller Aerospace & Defense companies and more.

  • Mitch Tellier

    Vice President of Aerospace & Defense IndustryDassault Systèmes

02:20PM to 02:50PM: Sikorsky Commercial Helicopter: Simplifying Customer Orders

Experiencing unprecedented growth in the commercial segment, in 2012 Sikorsky Global Helicopter used Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and Aerospace & Defense solutions to meet that growth. Learn how the Commercial Helicopter division solved the challenge of meeting customer demand for delivering “green book” helicopters that were engineered-to-order with predefined options. Seeking a simple, automated way to manage the high volume from the hundreds of aircraft variations (and associated documents) they are focused on the proposal phase through certification to final delivery. Mr. Keifer will share some of the improvement metrics, such as time savings, resulting from having full control of the content of an aircraft from inception to delivery. Mr. Keifer will also highlight plans to expand the project to simplify the wider commercial product portfolio with expanded functionality.

  • David Kiefer

    IT Project ManagerSikorsky Commercial Helicopter

02:50PM to 03:20PM: Georgia Institute of Technology: A Virtual Simulation Platform for the Design, Testing, and Verification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Designs

Georgia Tech will present an overview of the design methodology that supports virtual experimentation and verification in place of physical prototyping and testing. To accomplish this, the design methodology will advocate a series of enabling tools and techniques that are integrated in a virtual experimentation framework. These tools and techniques will be discussed in the context of the virtual design of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Dr. Briceno will contrast the development of a VIRTUAL UAV using the Winning Program solution with a physical prototype by sharing a video of the flight of both UAVs, designed as part of a Grand Challenge project.

  • Dr. Simon Briceno

    Division Chief, Aerospace System Design LabGeorgia Institute of Technology

03:20PM to 04:00PM: Pratt & Whitney Canada: Implementing Enterprise-wide Software Application Development

Pratt & Whitney Canada, to grow its market position, has undertaken a strategic electronic control system product initiative to modernize its engine systems development. Innovating on the way P&WC develops its systems constitutes a key derivative engine cost-containment element contribution to its future engine business-viability. Mr. Jarvo will share the plan and status-to-date on how P&WC is evolving its software and systems development; moving from a product-centric to product-line-centric development organization including: the necessity to affect their business and development lifecycles, organization, architecture, superimposed upon a rigorous regulated airborne context.

  • James Jarvo

    Control Systems Senior Fellow Pratt & Whitney Canada

03:50PM to 04:20PM: Break in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground

04:30PM to 04:30PM: Coastal Logic

05:00PM to 05:30PM: Deloitte: Defining the Business Case to Gain Executive Support for a PLM Program

Executive support is crucial to the success of a PLM transformation program, as it ensures vision, resources and acceptance to the overall program. While executives may support a PLM transformation on the surface, a clear business case that drives revenue growth and improves profit margins can assure their alignment with the program objectives. Learn strategies on how you can increase engineering efficiency and drive business value by utilizing Lean Engineering principles and pre-defined process models.

05:30PM to 06:00PM: Round Table Discussion

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